Leading with Questions

Leading with Questions

Leading With Questions .. is a leader's most powerful tool

During this one day interactive work shop you will:

  • learn how to ask great questions in the workplace that will encourage others to take action and be responsible
  • understand and appreciate the power of questions
  • identify questions that can be used to inspire others, frame problems, make decisions, build relationships, motivate people, and encourage powerful learning experiences
  • recognize the competencies and values necessary to be a powerful questioner
  • develop skills and strategies to lead more effectively with questions
  • practice using Action Learning to develop action questioning skills
This interactive “Leading with Questions” workshop will hone your skills to be able to ask open probing questions that will enable both you and your team to identify the ‘real problem’ that either you personally or your organization is facing. You will practice the art of asking great questions within an Action Learning set where either you or one of your fellow participants will ask the group to help him/her to solve one of their real problems.

Only by having the ability to ask great questions can you develop the right action plan to move forward and improve your competitive advantage.

ENROLL TODAY in our public “Leading with Questions’ course, or contact us at info@wial-canada.org to arrange for this powerful program to be delivered specifically for members of your organization. Group rates are available.

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Course Features

  • Duration 1 day
  • Activities WIAL Training
  • Class Sizes
  • Available Seats 24

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