Introduction to Action Learning

We would be pleased to schedule a 2 hour “In House” discussion with you and your management team that will demonstrate how Action Learning can help you improve your competitive advantage by solving complex problems, improving decision making, develop leadership capabilities, build stronger  cohesive teams all simultaneously and in ‘real time’.

The 1’st hour will be dedicated to giving you an overview of how and why Action Learning works.  In the 2nd hour, your team will work to begin solving a ‘real’ problem that someone in your organization is facing by using the powerful methodology of WIAL Action Learning.

If you wish to move beyond old, ineffective group dynamics and watch the transformation begin within this 2 hour period, this introduction to Action Learning is for you. This powerful process will demonstrate how it will build your team’s capacity to resolve complex challenges and instill leadership skills needed by twenty-first century managers.

This learning opportunity is for those organizations who wish to discover a unique way to improve capabilities for individuals, their teams, and for the organization as a whole.

For more information, please contact me directly:
Philip Cohen,  President
WIAL-Canada Inc.
Phone 519 980-8373

Course Features

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Activities WIAL Training
  • Class Sizes
  • Available Seats 8

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