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Solves Problems  – Improves Decision Making
Enhances Project Completion – Develops Leadership Skills

Breakthrough Strategies – Sustainable Results  – Remarkable Leaders and Teams
Delivered by Certified Action Learning Coaches

Implementing Action Learning will enable your  organization to attain
Breakthrough problem solving
Leadership development
High performing teams
Greater group cohesion

A learning organization
WIAL Coach Certification

Innovative results to help you
Enhance business performance
Rapidly solve problems
Increase accuracy in decision making
Develop creative solutions
Achieve improved ROI
Build organizational capabilities
Manage change
Create competitive advantage   


        Are  your “Problem Solving meetings” causing problems?
Move beyond old, ineffective group dynamics and watch the transformation. 

Learn to think differently
  Identify the real challenges and advance real and sustainable solutions in “Real Time”
It’s time to bring in an Action Learning Coach
Give us one day, we will change the way you work forever!!



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President’s Message
Philip Cohen, WIAL-Canada PresidentPresident's Message


Action Learning’s 6 Components

  1. The problem
  2. A group of 4-8 people
  3. A commitment to learning
  4. A process that encourages questioning and listening
  5. A resolution to take action
  6. An action learning coach

What makes Action Learning
such a powerful tool for helping
organizations today?


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